Family & Relationships

We provide advice on all aspects of family and relationship law. Our lawyers are experienced and easy to talk to.

Often people consult a family lawyer at a time of personal crisis, such as when a relationship ends or there is a dispute involving care of a family member.  Such situations can be stressful, so it is important to have a lawyer who will listen carefully, provide reliable legal advice, and help you to achieve a positive outcome. 

You may simply need advice or representation to help you reach an amicable agreement.  However, if a negotiated solution is not possible or appropriate in your case, our lawyers can provide robust representation in court proceedings. 

We can also help you to structure your legal affairs in a way which will best protect your interests, and meet your family’s needs, in the future.

We provide legal advice on:

Relationships, divorce and separation

Care and custody of children

Domestic violence

When someone is unable to manage their own affairs

When a family member has died

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