Trusts, Wills & Estates

We provide advice on all aspects of trusts, wills, powers of attorney and estates. 

All adults should have a will, and should get advice on whether there are other steps they should take to protect their assets while they are alive, and to provide for their loved ones after they die.

There is no “standard package” that is right for everyone, and you should be suspicious of anyone who tries to tell you there is.  Our lawyers and legal executives will discuss your unique needs with you, and can help you choose what is right for you. We provide advice in plain terms, without the jargon.

We prepare wills and powers of attorney.  We also advise on trusts, relationship property agreements, property sharing arrangements and succession planning.

Our estates experts handle the administration of estates (when a person’s assets are distributed after they die) and represent clients involved in claims against estates.

We provide legal advice on:

Planning for the future




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Sally McLeod

Registered Legal Executive / Estates Administrator
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Kylie Bowmar

Registered Legal Executive / Estates Administrator
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